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Monday, May 30, 2005

#5 - The sound of emotions in real time

A thought: What would it be like if everyone could express emotions immediately as they were feeling them, bring them to the surface and voice them in real time. What form could it take, if not musical? Would it look like one of those Robert Rauschenberg “combines” of fuzzed-out photo silkscreens and lightbulbs and t-shirt cotton and autumn leaves and condom latex? I think it would. (The recent New Yorker profile on him, by the way, is a good read.)

Or if it were a spoken language, what sort of word-torrent would that be---would it be intelligible, or just a gibberish flow? Would it sound like my head during yoga practice? Count your breath One Two Three Four Five Love Love Stress Love Stress I Fucking Hate Me Sad Hunger Hate Confusion Tired Love Love Count your breath One Two Three Four Five Bliss Stress Stress Stress Yank your consciousness back like a puppy to heel Fuck Count your breath One Two Three Four Five.

I would rather listen to music, thanks.


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